Ditch Paid Subscriptions, Embrace Free: Withkoji Pricing Made Easy

You are free of paid subscriptions on Koji! Empower your link in bio with stunning design, powerful apps, and monetization tools for free. We simply take a small share (5-15%) of transactions through Withkoji apps to keep the platform’s party going. You don’t pay before you earn.

  • No monthly fees, ever
  • Only pay a small percentage on sales
  • Keep the majority of your earnings
  • Focus on creating, not paying bills

FAQ: Koji Pricing

Is Koji really free?

Absolutely! Creating your Koji link in bio page is 100% free, including access to a wide range of templates, analytics, and sharing features.

Why is Withkoji free of paid subscriptions?

We take a small percentage (5-15%) of transactions made through certain Koji apps like Rares (our OnlyFans alternative) and Sell. Think of it as a high-five for helping you thrive!

Are there any hidden fees or subscriptions on Withkoji?

A: Nope! No sneaky charges or recurring payments. Koji is free to use, period.

Can I still make money with Koji if it’s free?

We built Koji to empower creators. You can sell digital products, offer subscriptions, accept donations, and more through various built-in Withkoji apps, all while keeping the majority of your earnings.

How can I earn money with Koji’s free pricing?

Withkoji empowers your hustle without any subscription fees! You can:

  • Sell digital goodies:Ebooks, music, custom art, anything goes! Koji apps like Sell let you set your own prices and keep the majority of the profits.
  • Turn fans into patrons: Build exclusive communities with Connect, get tipped directly with Tip Jar, or create your own OnlyFans-style content with Rares.
  • Monetize your expertise: Offer consultations with Book Me, host paid workshops with Live, or sell physical products through Shop – all seamlessly integrated into your free Koji link in bio.

What are Koji apps, and how do they fit into the free-to-earn model?

Think of Koji apps as mini-businesses you plug into your link in bio! These free-to-use tools let you add quizzes, games, email capture forms, even marketplaces – no coding required. We offer hundreds of apps, so you can curate the perfect mix for your unique brand and audience.