Welcome to Koji Sign-Up Help Page: Unlock Your Creative Potential!

Update on Koji Sign-up: Important Information
As of January 31, 2024, Koji is no longer accepting new sign-ups. This is due to its recent acquisition by Linktree. Therefore, the steps outlined previously are no longer applicable.
We all have to look for an alternative platform to manage the online presence now. Don’t get lost with Taplink. It offers everything you loved about Withkoji and more, making it the perfect alternative for creators of all kinds.

Signing Up on Koji: Guide

Here’s how to create your account and join the creative community:

Step 1. Choose your method:

  • Email or phone sign-up: Head to the sign-up page and click “Sign Up for Free”. Enter your email address or phone number and a strong password, then tick the terms of service box and click “Create Account”.
  • Social sign-up: Click the “Sign Up for Free” button and then choose your preferred platform (Google, Apple, Facebook). This will automatically create your Withkoji account using your existing profile information.

Step 2. Verification (optional but recommended):

After signing up, you’ll receive a verification email. Clicking the link confirms your account and unlocks additional features.

Step 3. Explore and customize:

Once verified, you’ll be redirected to your Withkoji dashboard. Click “Explore Apps” to discover the amazing things you can create and use.

Personalize your profile by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner. Here, you can add a display name, bio, and profile picture.


Can I sign up with multiple accounts on Koji?

No, Withkoji currently restricts users to one account per email address.

I’m having trouble verifying my account

Check your spam folder for the verification email, or try requesting a new one. If issues persist, contact Koji support.

I created a Koji account by logging in accidentally

Don’t worry! Withkoji automatically creates an account when you log in without one. You can still personalize your profile and start using the platform.