Boost Your Bio Link Game with Koji Templates

Linktree has recently acquired Withkoji. While this can bring possibilities for the future, it also means Koji templates (apps) are no longer available.
We recognize that Koji templates played a crucial role for some users, and their absence might raise concerns. That’s why we suggest an alternative — Taplink. It has similar features that can replicate what you loved about Withkoji templates (apps).

Koji templates were pre-built web applications, fondly called “apps” or “templates”. They breathed life into your online footprint. Whether you wanted to ignite engagement with a playful quiz, set up a mini-store to monetize your passion, or collect valuable leads like email addresses, there was a Koji template for it.

Templates for selling online

Koji has templates that allow you to make money on your link in bio page:

  • Sell Digital Products: Sell ebooks, music, templates, software, or any other digital file instantaneously.
  • Link Locker: Offer exclusive content to paying customers by locking links behind a paywall with this Koji template.
  • Memberships: Create recurring memberships with tiered access to exclusive content or benefits.
  • Paid Posts & Services: Sell personalized content like poems, shoutouts, or consultations directly through your link in bio.
  • Print on Demand: Sell custom-printed merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, and phone cases with your designs.
  • Pre-Order: Generate buzz and collect orders for upcoming products before they launch.
  • Shop: Build a beautiful and customizable storefront for all your physical or digital products.
  • Product Cards: Showcase individual products with captivating visuals, descriptions, and purchase options.
  • Subscription Boxes: use this Withkoji template to offer curated collections or memberships delivered on a recurring basis.
  • Services: List and sell services like consultations, coaching sessions, or custom projects directly through your link in bio.
  • Live Sales: Host interactive live selling sessions to engage your audience and boost sales.
  • Waitlist: Gather emails and generate interest for upcoming product launches or events with this Withkoji template.
  • Discounts & Coupons: Offer special promotions and incentivize purchases with custom coupons.
  • Thank You Page: Personalize your post-purchase experience with custom messages and recommendations.
  • Upsells & Cross-Sells: Suggest additional products or services to increase order value.
  • Order Bump Offers: Offer limited-time deals or add-ons during the checkout process.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Send automated emails to recover abandoned carts and increase conversion rates.
  • Gift Cards: Use this Koji template to allow customers to purchase gift cards for your products or services.
  • Product Reviews & Ratings: Encourage customer feedback and build trust with product reviews.
  • Order Tracking: Provide customers with real-time updates on their order status.

Our templates for collecting donations

Withkoji simplifies online fundraising with donation templates:

  • Tip Jar+: Accept small, one-time donations (“tips”) from your audience on your Koji page with this template.
  • Gift Me: Accept larger, one-time donations for specific goals or projects. 
  • Fund My Project 2.0: Crowdfund campaigns for bigger goals by setting multiple funding milestones. 
  • Love Jar: Add a sentimental touch to your donation collection by featuring a heart-shaped container that fills up as donations are received.
  • Name Your Price: Empower your audience to pay what they think your work is worth. 

Awesome templates for engaging with customers

Koji provides templates that can be your secret weapon for building a thriving community around your work:

  • Shoutout 2.0: This Withkoji template allows you to easily record and share personalized video shoutouts for your fans, customers, or followers.
  • Ask Me Anything 2.0: Try this Koji template to host a live Q&A session with your audience using this interactive template. They can submit questions beforehand or during the session, and you answer them live on camera. 
  • Video Feedback: This template gives your audience a fun and engaging way to leave video feedback on your work. 
  • Audio Inbox: This template allows your audience to leave you voice messages. 
  • Dare Me: Let your audience dare you to do something, and you can capture your attempt on video and share it with them.
  • Truth or Dare: Let your audience choose truth or dare for you, and you have to either answer honestly or complete the dared challenge on camera.

Koji’s templates for affiliate programs

Koji empowers creators and businesses to monetize their content and influence through powerful affiliate marketing tools:

  • Affiliate Links: Integrate affiliate links into your content.
  • Video Shopping: Add clickable product tags to your videos.
  • Shop The Look: Create curated looks by tagging individual products in your photos or videos.
  • Pop Up Shop: Generate temporary flash sales or promotions with customizable pop-up shops. 

Event Calendar: Keep your audience informed about upcoming events, workshops, or live sessions, allow viewers to RSVP, set reminders within your content.

Templates for growing your audience

Koji goes beyond static content, its interactive templates are designed to spark interest, encourage engagement, and attract new followers like magnets:

  • Build your email list: This template provides eye-catching signup forms and incentives to capture visitor email addresses. 
  • Sign Up & Download: Offer exclusive downloadable content like resources, ebooks, or templates in exchange for email addresses.
  • Giveaway: Launch exciting contests and prize draws to attract new followers and boost engagement with this Koji template.
  • Check In Rewards: Encourage repeat visits and interaction with your content by rewarding returning users. 

Audition: This Withkoji template is perfect for collecting submissions or applications. It streamlines the selection process and gathers valuable information from participants.

Templates from social platforms

Withkoji takes the best engagement features of social networks and supercharges them with interactivity and customization in the templates. You can embed:

  • Facebook and Instagram posts.
  • Music platform players.
  • YouTube and Vimeo videos.

And many more!

Koji templates for displaying content

Engage your audience on a deeper level. Koji’s interactive templates foster meaningful connections and spark conversations:

  • Timeline: Share your journey or showcase events chronologically with this visual and engaging Withkoji template. 
  • Image & Video Gallery: Create a beautiful and interactive gallery for your photos and videos. Add captions, links, and customize the layout to create a unique presentation.
  • Audio Player: Try this Koji template for streaming audio directly on your page.
  • Music Links: Share your favorite tunes or curated playlists from various music platforms with this convenient template. 
  • Personal Status 2.0: Express your current mood, activity, or update your followers with this customizable status bar.
  • List of Links: Organize and showcase your important links, social media profiles, or website navigation in a clean and efficient list format.
  • Featured Embed Scaffold: Highlight a specific piece of content, like a video, article, or social media post, by giving it prominence and context within your profile.
  • Image Grid Profile: Create a visually appealing profile page with this grid-based layout for your photos and images. 

Portfolio Profile: Build a professional portfolio website within Koji using this template.


What are Koji templates?

Koji templates are pre-built web applications that you can use to create Kojis. Templates can be used for a variety of purposes, such as promoting your products or services, running contests or giveaways, or simply providing more information about yourself or your brand.

How do I find templates?

There are a number of ways to find Koji templates. You can search the Koji template store, browse through the templates that are available, or use the “Remix” feature to create a new Koji based on an existing template.

What are the benefits of using Koji’s templates?

There are many benefits to using our templates. Templates can save you time and effort by providing you with a starting point for your Koji. They can also help you create Kojis that are more professional and engaging.

Can I use templates for free?

Yes, you can use many Koji templates for free.

How do I edit or update a Koji template?

You can edit or update a Koji template by making changes to the code or JSON file that defines the template. You can also use Koji’s built-in editing tools to make changes to the template’s interface.

How do I share a my template with others?

You can share a Koji template with others by publishing it to the Koji template store. Once your template is published, it will be available for others to find and import into their Koji accounts.

How can I get help with your templates?

There are a number of ways to get help with Koji templates. You can contact Koji support, search the Koji knowledge base, or ask questions on the Koji forum.